Electrical & Instrumentation Services

  • Fabricate, Assembly and Install Electrical and Instrumentation Supports
  • Supply & Installation of Cable Trays and Cable Ladders
  • Supply & Installation of Electrical, Instrumentation and Telecommunications Cables
  • Supply & Installation of Junction Boxes, RCUs, Distribution Boards and Electrical & Instrumentation Panels
  • Supply & Installation of Switchgears, MCCs, IMCSs, Lighting Fixtures, Transformers, Navigational Aid Systems, Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems and Busducts
  • Supply & Installation of Instruments, PMCS Systems, Page Party / Announcement Systems and Surveillance Systems
  • Supply & Installation of Tubing Trays, Tubings, Perform Hook-Up and Leak Test of Tubing Lines
  • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems